Multiplayer Mainstream

With online multiplayer on the rise you gain some and you lose some. You have competitive games such as Counter strike: global offensive, Dota 2 and Starcraft leading the competitive E-sports charge, as well as games like Destiny and Path of Exile offering a robust pve experiences. However in all this commotion it is important not lose sight of our multiplayer roots. These roots lie in local multiplayer. Wether couch coop or competitive, there are a lot of indie studios that are taking advantage of this. However there are very few local multiplayer triple a Games as of late. I recently Played Army of two with a friend of mine and we had a blast experiencing the wild romp through mexico together. There is a real sense of fun that comes with being blasted to bits by a well placed grenade and being able to elbow the person who did it. My best memories of gaming are not necessarily the large set pieces but the moments shared by me and a buddie that made it all the better.