E3 thoughts: Bethesda’s first confrence

Bethesda’s first conference has already stolen the show. I will give my thoughts in order of how much i have to say about them.

Doom: The reboot of Id’s classic franchise uses a perfect blend of 1980’s fast paced arcade action with modern mechanics such as mantling and secondary fire modes while other more old fashioned mechanics exist like unlimited weapon capacity, non regenerating health and double jumps. so far it looks like it is coming along with a great gore engine and fantastic lighting.

Fallout 4: I will have a separate post for this.

dishonored 2: playing as the grown up Emily Caldwell the trailer hinted at lots of continuity between the games and the possibility of seeing Corvo (in ghost form? stranger things have happened). The idea seems the same: kill off conspirators after being shamed somehow. More dishonored sounds good to me.

Role-playing roots

Bethesda has announced Fallout 4, a game in a series that has always had very obvious connections to classic role playing game systems: in depth stats to crunch and D&D inspired leveling system as well as plenty of other things. This got me thinking; will this new game streamline the experience. The reason this is a problem for me is that as rpgs move into the 8th generation for consoles(and in a way pc) they have lost a lot of their complexity. If you look at the difference between dragon age origins and inquisition (I am looking at you eso and diablo 3) you will see strong evidence of this. I am all for making games more accessible but it has reached a point of oversimplification.  we are losing the awesome challenges of games like Baldurs gate and ice wind dale to name a few. There are a few developers going back to the complex with games like wasteland 2 and pillars of eternity but not enough.

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