Review rules

These are the parameters in which 1]i will be reviewing games:

Out of 5 stars

1 star: Very bad.

2 star: Mediocore.

3 star: A typical score, games whith these scores have alot of give and take.

4 star: Good, would recommend this game to a freind

5 star: excellent, A game that cannot be missed.

Greys choice award: not only does this game get a 5 but it also gets a medal; ooooh shiny.


Sound, music and voice: worth 1 star

Narrative: worth 1 star

Gameplay: worth 2 stars

Graphics: worth 1 star

Keep yourself posted to A new domain ( is coming soon as well as weekly reviews and an interview with a group of young developers and public school game design.




What do you think? This is a safe space for discussion profanity will not be tolerated.

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