Dungeon souls so far

Dungeon souls is a colorful rogue lite dungeon crawler with combat more akin to nuclear throne than Diablo. It is a creative mishmash of ideas and is still in early access.The developer is constantly supporting it with patches and content boosts.

Sound, music and voice: 1 star

The voice acting is nonexistent but the music is appropriately haunting and the sound effects are satisfying.

Gameplay: 1 and a 1/2 stars

The action packed combat feels like a mixture of Dark Souls timeing and dodging and Nuclear Thrones bombastic and colorful action. Depending on which unique class you pick it leans towards one side or the other. It has very engaging short term (during the run) Progression allowing you to spec a class in a certain way very easily. My one complaint is that the long term (before a run begins) progression allows you to spend amassed coins that you did not spend during your run on upgrades. The upgrades are simple and not very interesting, also this feature will limit people from making a competitive communtity around it because the upgrades are flat attack increases instead of unlocking class abilities and content like in other games. These long term progressions feel a bit boring and are more akin to rogue legacy than binding of isaac. However they do not drag the game down a huge amount.

Narrative: 1/2 of a star

This type of game rarely has a narrative so i will not take off for it taking after genre conventions but a little more insight into the world would be nice.

Graphics: 1 star

The pixellated style meshes perfectly with the oversized weapons and shiny partivle effects.

Verdict:  4 out of 5 stars

Dungeon souls still has a while to go in early access and the long term progression will limit the size of the hardcore community but it is shaping up to be one of my favorite roguelites of 2015.

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