CrownTakers: a grand sense of adventure

It would be easy to dismiss CrownTakers as just yet another turn based indie rogue-like but that would hardly be doing it justice. It is a witty and satisfying adventure with fantastic and charming art as well as some quality (here it comes)  emergent narrative. What I mean by emergent narrative is that the procedural generated levels feature various encounters picked out of a metaphorical hat which means that even though the third part of the game always takes place in the city two different players will have two different experiences. ONTO THE RATINGS!!!

Graphics: 1 out of 1 star

The vivid colors and varied character designs look great and the smaller depictions of them reflect he overall them of the characters. Also the UI is top notch.

Sound, music and voice: 1 out of 1 star

The colorful writing is just begging for some voice work but I understand budget decisions around that. However the music is amazing and battle sounds are not great but not bad.

Narrative: 1 out of 1 star

The main plot is a little lackluster, which is fine because the real fun lays in the encounter writing which is sharp and witty.

Gameplay: 2 out of 2 stars

The tactical hex based battle system works well for a game of this genre. The stats factor into the combat in meaningful and noticeable ways and only flesh out the existing depth which comes from character specialization. The common definition of specialization for the uninitiated is as follow: Building a character in a way that focuses on a couple core gameplay mechanics. The amount of customization is awesome allowing you to upgrade weapons and armor as you see fit. These upgrades absorb a certain type of material from your inventory and add slots for weapon and armor enhancing runes. When you are not in combat or an encounter screen you are staring at the beautiful world map which gives clear indicators as to where encounters shops and enemie bastions are.

verdict: 5 out of 5 stars

Crowntakers is hands down the best rogue-like I have ever played, and for it’s low price tag there is no reason crowntakers should not be on your phone or PC.


Classics club medal of excellence


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