Hallelujah it’s Raining Rats: Warhammer: Vermintide Impressions

Vermintide does one thing and it does it really well; allowing you to kill ludicrous amounts of anthropomorphic rats and collect loot with 1-3 buddies. The easy comparison to make would be, the valve made legend, Left 4 Dead, but Vermintide is something more. Just kidding, the game mostly consists of moving from one area to another and killing Skaven (anthropomorphic rats) and completing objectives. The game allows you to choose from 1 of 5 characters to play with, all of which feel unique.


Vermintide is a decent looking game with okay lighting and detailed character design. All the art screams Warhammer with plenty of skulls and parchment on random bits of armor. My one large concern is the particle effects and the optimization. Some of the particle effects are absolutely horrid and the game does not handle lighting and the large numbers of enemies very well. Insane amounts of enemies and effects sometimes dropped my pc (I hate to brag but it is kind of a monster) below twenty frames per second which is jarring, because the rest of the game (on ultra) ran at sixty FPS.


There is not much here too surprising, melee mechanics are polished and streamlined, weapons feel great and Skavens give off satisfying crunching or squeaking noises when they die. My one complaint is that the loot system suffers from the Destiny syndrome: You only get one piece of gear per mission and it tends to be worse than what you have. The forge system alleviates some of the pain, but it is still a slow process.

Sound, music and voice

Great, the voice acting is amazing and the banter between the characters is very dynamic and made me chuckle a couple times. As I noted prior the sounds Skaven and the accompanying instruments of death sound great. Atmospheric sounds are amazing and more than once totally immersed me in the world. Music, however, is split: On one hand the tavern music is phenomenal and adds great atmosphere to the hub area, on the other hand the combat music was not that great. It sounds like someone attached pots and pans to a llama and threw it down the stairs.


Not a strong point. Very little will make sense to non Warhammer fans and in the end it just serves to give context to missions.


The game is really fun, but the story and optimization really drag it down so the rating so far is:

3/5 stars: Good

Have a good day and leave a comment below.



Miss Take: A Review

Miss Take is a confusing title. Is the pun “Mistake” or are they saying she is “Ms. take”; given the core gameplay mechanics both would make sense. Miss Take is a top down stealth game where, unlike other games where being a ghost is your best bet, distraction is the best tool in your shed. Speaking of tools (haaaaaahaaaaaaaa) the game offers you many devices and gadgets to steal and sneak through a level.

Sound, music and voice

The music isn’t incredibly memorable and the little voice acting there is follows the same trend. However, the ambient noise is very atmospheric.

Graphics and art

The game has great environmental art with blues and purples dotting the scenery. The characters on the other hand look like they are are out of a mobile game with low resolution textures and simple polygons (not in an artsy way).


The thing I noticed right away was that the character felt a bit stiff. It took much too long to get your character into cover leading to many unavoidable arrests. Besides the small control hiccups the game avoids feeling like you are just solving a series of puzzles, which can be a problem for this type of game. In fact it really made me feel like every time I played through a level I was discovering a new way to beat it. The gadgets tend to be an integral part of the escape and distraction strategies this game revolves around.


Miss Take is not an amazing game. The stealth can be fun but suffers from a lack of responsiveness due to clunky controls and poor cover detection. The environments look amazing, but character models are comparable to 2004. I would only pick this up on a sale or if you really like stealth games. It is not worth $20 but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad game.


3 out of 5 stars

In the comments ask questions or speak your mind. Have a good day.



Logo design challenge

Because I am a horribly un-creative person when it comes to art I have decided to issue a challenge to you, my readers. From now until the end of October I will be accepting people’s logo designs for this blog. Since I have a rudimentary understanding of humans nature I know people will not do this without an incentive. Because that is the case I have A couple rewards for you:

-A huuuuuuuuuuuge shout out.

-Listing in the contributors section (coming soon).

Possibly a game.

-My eternal gratitude (Pfffffffff, like that matters).

All must be submitted to my email (hkaplanearle@gmail.com) and if you don’t know what refraction means look it up. Keep designs simple and as artsy-fartsy as  an (think simple polygons, soft lines and, at a maximum, 4 colors). Have a good week, real content coming very soon.



Battlefront beta impressions

After my first match of Battlefront there were some very obvious differences between it and it’s predecessors. Some of these changes are not necessarily bad but really change the way the game flows and feels. The game focuses on the good half of the trilogy (new hope to return of the Jedi) in which most of the battles aren’t massive invasions but smaller scale skirmishes and therefore you lose some of the scale of the previous games. Even in the biggest available map (the Battle of Hoth) the battle field felt a lot smaller. There also is a larger emphasis on infantry combat and sometimes I would go whole rounds without using a vehicle which feels very detrimental to the overall fun factor.

The new mode, drop zone, is purely a more traditional conquest match on a almost minuscule map and it removes almost everything that makes battlefront what it is today. Dice (the developer) has also done away with classes and replaced it with a card system which is actually a lot more fun and gives the game a much larger degree of tactics.

Now, this isn’t all doom and gloom and a lack of understanding, Now I want to touch on the good things. For one the game looks and sounds freaking amazing, everything from the sound of the blasters to the way laser on snow impact looks it all just screams star wars. The whole UI has a wonderfully clean look to it and conveys information in a sleek minimalist style.

Shooting and character movement is a joy to behold; shooting is tight and requires a good amount of skill to land shots for the slow moving lasers most weapons fire. Your character moves smoothly and the animations are fantastic. On a side note map progression is fantastic and every single one feels different from the close quarters shoot outs on Sullust to the slowly scrolling walker battles on Hoth.

Is this A good battlefront Game? No, it takes away a lot of what made the originals fun. Is it a good Star Wars Game? Damn right, this is by far one of my favorite online shooter I have played so far this year and I can’t wait until it’s full release. Leave a comment below containing thoughts, questions or feedback.



Smashing rats

(Sorry, for the delay I have been quite ill.)

Warhammer: Vermintide is shaping up to be the best co-operative gaming experience this year. Here is a quick synopsis of what it hopes to be: A first person, co-operative RPG set in the Warhammer universe. In the game you take on missions in and around Ubersreik in order to stop a horde of skaven (rat men). If that doesn’t already sound awesome here are some other great non Warhammer things this game has going for it:

– From what I have seen so far shows an amazing first person melee system that might actually work.

– Great atmosphere and for the uninitiated a great introduction to one of the greatest fantasy settings ever.

– Co-op, what is better than killing man sized rats? Killing man sized rats with friends!

For Warhammer fans however, there is even more to love:

– The enemy is the Skaven! Although this race tends to get a lot of attention I am sure it will be very satisfying to get a closer look at their rather comical and corrupt society which, in a way, is not unlike our own.

– You can be a witch hunter and rock the hat while blasting skaven with all sorts of inquisitorial gear.

– The developers are doing their best to make accurate representations of popular characters types like  Bright wizards and waywatchers.

Hope newcomers to Warhammer and veterans find something to like on the streets and surrounding areas of Ubersreik. please Leave a comment below, this is a safe place for discussion.



Hallelujah it’s raining rats (quick announcement)

I just got an email from the kind folks over at Fatshark games that I am on their review list for Warhammer (endtimes): Vermintide. This is very exciting and to celebrate this i have decided that I am going to create content for it as follows:

-A review(objective)

-First impressions(subjective)

-A list of why both Warhammer and non Warhammer fans should be excited

Have a wonderful day.

Cheers,                                                                                                                                                   Earlegrey

RTS: Real time stress

As a beginner to the RTS (real time strategie) genre I have been looking for a jumping off point for quite sometime. It is a very hard genre to get into just because the sheer diversity and skill within it. There are more classical RTS like Starcraft 2 and command and conquer but there are also some that carry in Action rpg concepts like the dawn of war 2 series(yes it is a series) and then you have some that are just completely unique like Homeworld. Out of all these options I have tried a couple different styles and have figured out the problem I have when trying to get into the genre: On the whole They just all move too fast. To understand what I am talking about I must give you a list of what tends to make the games move too fast to a beginner in the genre:

-The balancing act between base management and Micromanagement of units. This can be alleviated by slimming down on one part and focusing on the other. In dawn of war 2 base building is nonexistent and unit production is slow and methodical but even though it has a smaller number of units the micromanagement required is brutal.

-The number of units in a battle can be overwhelming, and rubber banding units can sometimes lead to false selections and micromanagement can be just straight up confusing.

– Base building is very hard to do because the actual placement of structures can be hard to manage. This can be helped by not including it at all or giving set locations for players to fight over.

-my final complaint is the lack of a pause feature in offline modes. I know that people are going to cry out”but then it isn’t REAL TIME”. I know it wouldn’t technically be real time but it would help introduce players to concepts in a slow methodical way.

What do you think RTS should implement to make themselves more accessible? leave  a comment below.