RTS: Real time stress

As a beginner to the RTS (real time strategie) genre I have been looking for a jumping off point for quite sometime. It is a very hard genre to get into just because the sheer diversity and skill within it. There are more classical RTS like Starcraft 2 and command and conquer but there are also some that carry in Action rpg concepts like the dawn of war 2 series(yes it is a series) and then you have some that are just completely unique like Homeworld. Out of all these options I have tried a couple different styles and have figured out the problem I have when trying to get into the genre: On the whole They just all move too fast. To understand what I am talking about I must give you a list of what tends to make the games move too fast to a beginner in the genre:

-The balancing act between base management and Micromanagement of units. This can be alleviated by slimming down on one part and focusing on the other. In dawn of war 2 base building is nonexistent and unit production is slow and methodical but even though it has a smaller number of units the micromanagement required is brutal.

-The number of units in a battle can be overwhelming, and rubber banding units can sometimes lead to false selections and micromanagement can be just straight up confusing.

– Base building is very hard to do because the actual placement of structures can be hard to manage. This can be helped by not including it at all or giving set locations for players to fight over.

-my final complaint is the lack of a pause feature in offline modes. I know that people are going to cry out”but then it isn’t REAL TIME”. I know it wouldn’t technically be real time but it would help introduce players to concepts in a slow methodical way.

What do you think RTS should implement to make themselves more accessible? leave  a comment below.


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