Smashing rats

(Sorry, for the delay I have been quite ill.)

Warhammer: Vermintide is shaping up to be the best co-operative gaming experience this year. Here is a quick synopsis of what it hopes to be: A first person, co-operative RPG set in the Warhammer universe. In the game you take on missions in and around Ubersreik in order to stop a horde of skaven (rat men). If that doesn’t already sound awesome here are some other great non Warhammer things this game has going for it:

– From what I have seen so far shows an amazing first person melee system that might actually work.

– Great atmosphere and for the uninitiated a great introduction to one of the greatest fantasy settings ever.

– Co-op, what is better than killing man sized rats? Killing man sized rats with friends!

For Warhammer fans however, there is even more to love:

– The enemy is the Skaven! Although this race tends to get a lot of attention I am sure it will be very satisfying to get a closer look at their rather comical and corrupt society which, in a way, is not unlike our own.

– You can be a witch hunter and rock the hat while blasting skaven with all sorts of inquisitorial gear.

– The developers are doing their best to make accurate representations of popular characters types like  Bright wizards and waywatchers.

Hope newcomers to Warhammer and veterans find something to like on the streets and surrounding areas of Ubersreik. please Leave a comment below, this is a safe place for discussion.




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