Battlefront beta impressions

After my first match of Battlefront there were some very obvious differences between it and it’s predecessors. Some of these changes are not necessarily bad but really change the way the game flows and feels. The game focuses on the good half of the trilogy (new hope to return of the Jedi) in which most of the battles aren’t massive invasions but smaller scale skirmishes and therefore you lose some of the scale of the previous games. Even in the biggest available map (the Battle of Hoth) the battle field felt a lot smaller. There also is a larger emphasis on infantry combat and sometimes I would go whole rounds without using a vehicle which feels very detrimental to the overall fun factor.

The new mode, drop zone, is purely a more traditional conquest match on a almost minuscule map and it removes almost everything that makes battlefront what it is today. Dice (the developer) has also done away with classes and replaced it with a card system which is actually a lot more fun and gives the game a much larger degree of tactics.

Now, this isn’t all doom and gloom and a lack of understanding, Now I want to touch on the good things. For one the game looks and sounds freaking amazing, everything from the sound of the blasters to the way laser on snow impact looks it all just screams star wars. The whole UI has a wonderfully clean look to it and conveys information in a sleek minimalist style.

Shooting and character movement is a joy to behold; shooting is tight and requires a good amount of skill to land shots for the slow moving lasers most weapons fire. Your character moves smoothly and the animations are fantastic. On a side note map progression is fantastic and every single one feels different from the close quarters shoot outs on Sullust to the slowly scrolling walker battles on Hoth.

Is this A good battlefront Game? No, it takes away a lot of what made the originals fun. Is it a good Star Wars Game? Damn right, this is by far one of my favorite online shooter I have played so far this year and I can’t wait until it’s full release. Leave a comment below containing thoughts, questions or feedback.




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