Logo design challenge

Because I am a horribly un-creative person when it comes to art I have decided to issue a challenge to you, my readers. From now until the end of October I will be accepting people’s logo designs for this blog. Since I have a rudimentary understanding of humans nature I know people will not do this without an incentive. Because that is the case I have A couple rewards for you:

-A huuuuuuuuuuuge shout out.

-Listing in the contributors section (coming soon).

Possibly a game.

-My eternal gratitude (Pfffffffff, like that matters).

All must be submitted to my email (hkaplanearle@gmail.com) and if you don’t know what refraction means look it up. Keep designs simple and as artsy-fartsy as  an (think simple polygons, soft lines and, at a maximum, 4 colors). Have a good week, real content coming very soon.




What do you think? This is a safe space for discussion profanity will not be tolerated.

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