Miss Take: A Review

Miss Take is a confusing title. Is the pun “Mistake” or are they saying she is “Ms. take”; given the core gameplay mechanics both would make sense. Miss Take is a top down stealth game where, unlike other games where being a ghost is your best bet, distraction is the best tool in your shed. Speaking of tools (haaaaaahaaaaaaaa) the game offers you many devices and gadgets to steal and sneak through a level.

Sound, music and voice

The music isn’t incredibly memorable and the little voice acting there is follows the same trend. However, the ambient noise is very atmospheric.

Graphics and art

The game has great environmental art with blues and purples dotting the scenery. The characters on the other hand look like they are are out of a mobile game with low resolution textures and simple polygons (not in an artsy way).


The thing I noticed right away was that the character felt a bit stiff. It took much too long to get your character into cover leading to many unavoidable arrests. Besides the small control hiccups the game avoids feeling like you are just solving a series of puzzles, which can be a problem for this type of game. In fact it really made me feel like every time I played through a level I was discovering a new way to beat it. The gadgets tend to be an integral part of the escape and distraction strategies this game revolves around.


Miss Take is not an amazing game. The stealth can be fun but suffers from a lack of responsiveness due to clunky controls and poor cover detection. The environments look amazing, but character models are comparable to 2004. I would only pick this up on a sale or if you really like stealth games. It is not worth $20 but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad game.


3 out of 5 stars

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