Hallelujah it’s Raining Rats: Warhammer: Vermintide Impressions

Vermintide does one thing and it does it really well; allowing you to kill ludicrous amounts of anthropomorphic rats and collect loot with 1-3 buddies. The easy comparison to make would be, the valve made legend, Left 4 Dead, but Vermintide is something more. Just kidding, the game mostly consists of moving from one area to another and killing Skaven (anthropomorphic rats) and completing objectives. The game allows you to choose from 1 of 5 characters to play with, all of which feel unique.


Vermintide is a decent looking game with okay lighting and detailed character design. All the art screams Warhammer with plenty of skulls and parchment on random bits of armor. My one large concern is the particle effects and the optimization. Some of the particle effects are absolutely horrid and the game does not handle lighting and the large numbers of enemies very well. Insane amounts of enemies and effects sometimes dropped my pc (I hate to brag but it is kind of a monster) below twenty frames per second which is jarring, because the rest of the game (on ultra) ran at sixty FPS.


There is not much here too surprising, melee mechanics are polished and streamlined, weapons feel great and Skavens give off satisfying crunching or squeaking noises when they die. My one complaint is that the loot system suffers from the Destiny syndrome: You only get one piece of gear per mission and it tends to be worse than what you have. The forge system alleviates some of the pain, but it is still a slow process.

Sound, music and voice

Great, the voice acting is amazing and the banter between the characters is very dynamic and made me chuckle a couple times. As I noted prior the sounds Skaven and the accompanying instruments of death sound great. Atmospheric sounds are amazing and more than once totally immersed me in the world. Music, however, is split: On one hand the tavern music is phenomenal and adds great atmosphere to the hub area, on the other hand the combat music was not that great. It sounds like someone attached pots and pans to a llama and threw it down the stairs.


Not a strong point. Very little will make sense to non Warhammer fans and in the end it just serves to give context to missions.


The game is really fun, but the story and optimization really drag it down so the rating so far is:

3/5 stars: Good

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