Assassin’s Creed: (Insert Noun Here)

The original Assassin’s Creed game was a breath of fresh air, something to break up the then shooter dominated market. Yes, it had it’s issues but it’s sequel, Assassin’s Creed II, fixed almost all of them and introduced one of my favorite game characters, Ezio Auditore. AC: Brotherhood was a very good game and had some really fun moments. I only recently picked up AC: Revelations while it was on sale and although it is not the best game I have ever played, the writing is fun and stealth is super satisfying. Then you had ACIII which I enjoyed although it has it’s flaws and was not all that I was hoping it would be. Then you come to what I consider to be the pinnacle of the series, ACIV: Black flag. By 2013 the series had obtained some really cool ideas which have lived and died: the ship you captain in ACIII and ACIV, the ability to train assassins and call them in during a fight, horses, bomb crafting, ziplines, the hook-blade from Revelations which greatly increased your speed while free running, two really great storytelling devices, saying to hell with all modern day stuff (my personal favorite), and some really great characters.

Alas Ubisoft decided that when the time came to bring AC to the next gen consoles that they would not keep a single one of these ideas. Ever since AC: Unity the franchise has had a major identity crisis. I think it’s time for the series to do a little soul searching and figure out what it wants to be. The publisher needs to take a year or two hiatus from the franchise. For the next game please, please, please, use a historical setting before the 1700’s, guns don’t work well with the control scheme and Paris and London are just boring and not as colourful as previous locales (no offense).




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