LGBTQ characters in gaming: Lets talk.

I have been playing video games for 10 years now, it has been fun and as time goes on most of my complaints have been addressed. However their is one that has not: LGBTQ characters. By now there are more than one of you probably saying “But Earlegrey haven’t you played dragon age or mass effect?” well yes I have, but that only encompasses two franchises and They are completely optional. These are interactions that you choose to have and as odd as it may sound to actually have equality in our community, must not be optional. Video games are a powerful medium when it comes to permitting understanding of a characters psyche which would allow people to see that a gay characters only real difference from a straight one would be sexual preference. Lets have the next call of duty action hero be gay. This would be only a minor change due to the focus of the series being on the action, but It does have the power to maybe change a couple minds. This in no way means that there should be no more straight characters, it means that I would like to see larger publisher take a risk and aim for a little more than money. People like me want to identify with characters in triple-A releases beyond basic human characteristics like survival or morals. This medium is such a powerful vehicle for change and could do so much more when it comes to acknowledging real world problems like this.

Please, please, please leave a comment below and discuss this.


Earle grey


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