Fallout 4(PC): A Review

Fallout 4 is probably the most hyped game of 2015. For the unaware  Fallout 4 is the seventh game in the hugely popular fallout series which follows the handmade player character as they roam throughout the wasteland of the post-apocalyptic future. Fallout 4 is covered in so many extreme ups and downs that you might think your part of a evil doctors new experiment. It is a game with many additions and innovations but is yet still trapped in the prison of out of date mechanics. This, for better or for worse is what Fallout 4 came to be.


The most notable improvement to Fallout 4 is the gun-play which, instead feeling like your waving a plastic rod at your enemies and yelling,”Bang!”, it lets you know when you fire a double barreled shotgun into the back of a mutated cow with plenty of blood and bravado. Besides gun-play improvements, the game is quite difficult which is a trend I am beginning to see in modern Role playing games. I also adore the settlements, I wont go into much detail here but it is very satisfying to carve out your own corner in the Boston wasteland. The idea of Not having a level cap is great and the fact that I can make my very own perked up wastelander without any limits is so much fun. It is not all laser pointers and kittens though because Fallout 4’s AI just atrocious. Raiders will toss grenades into walls, Companions will try to melee Deathclaws (big arse death lizards) and NPCs will stand in door ways. It’s a mess. Another problem I have is the insane amount of uninterrupted walking. It can be phenomenally boring.



As Fallout goes this is the weakest main plot I have seen in the series. It is not bad, but it is forgettable. The real fun comes in the side quests which are long and interesting (burning ghouls with a rocket engine) and most of the time have some sort of follow up quests. Their is also a decent amount of (There it is) emergent narrative with encounters stringing together to form awesome stories about your adventure into the city or fight with some hulking super mutants. All in all, good.


The lighting at work here is awesome, Reflecting and highlighting stark contrasts between rusted cars and brightly colored signs. I have one major gripe here though. The textures look damn ugly. These are some of the worst textures I have seen in a triple A release this year. Fallout 4 is going to inevitably be compared to other modern RPGs like Bloodborne and The Witcher 3 and in the graphics department Fallout 4 flops.


Music is great with a mixture of classics and scores arranged for the game. Voice acting follows the same trend and is absolutely amazing, Bringing characters to life in amazing ways.



Fallout 4 is a good game but it is very far from perfect. It, like New Vegas before it, feels like fallout 3 version 1.5.

Elder scrolls online: Tamriel unlimited impressions

I have spent a weekend with Elder scrolls online: Tamriel unlimited and have very much so enjoyed my time with it. Before reading the rest of this you must understand ESOTU is a mediocre Elder scrolls game, however it is one of the best MMO I have ever played. This divine experience stems form a couple sources. Keep in mind these points are subjective and reflect my personal opinion.

The first major contributor is the community. The ESOTU community is awesome. For the most part they are friendly, polite and surprisingly charitable. I don’t know what Zenimax did but in my experience they have garnered some of the most awesome people from across the world and scattered them throughout Tamriel. I needed gold to pay off my bounty with the guards so I had to ask for a small loan from chat (I know, it was kind of sad). Not one minute later someone sent me 1,000 gold (I had previously had 300 at most).

The second best thing in ESOTU is the crafting. My god the crafting. It is simple and easy to understand with books next to each table describing the process of each crafting profession. They also added  a really cool motif system allowing you to learn the motifs of different races in the world all of which are very well designed.

And last but not least, the elephant in the room: combat. Combat in the ESOTU is awesome. whether  you are sneaking around, casting spells or chopping people up combat is amazing. it uses a soft lock system wich couples well with the great animations and sense of power that comes with each move.

if you wanna find me in game i am @earlegreythe1st, have a wonderful day.





It is the most wonderful time for releases

Hello all you wonderful people. Chanuka, Christmas, Kwanzaa are all upon us bringing a bevy of releases. This is just a quick list of upcoming content:

-Rainbow six: siege review and impressions

– Fallout 4 review and impressions

-Refraction game of the year

-Something about online edict

– One other editorial

This holiday season is a big time for some games share your favorite holiday events in video games down below.


Endless Legend: A Review

Endless Legend is my favorite game. It is simply spectacular. I, in all my years of gaming, have never played something this good. It is a near flawless masterpiece that comes very close to gaming nirvana. The only way to explain this is to put in review form. Do trie to keep your head intact


Endless legend Is a 4x game which, to the uninitiated, means: explore, expand, exterminate and exploit. Like many 4x games endless legend takes place on a randomly generated, hex based map. The first thing you will notice is the awesomely fluid and detailed Interface. This is one of the best things about the game and while seemingly complex it represents data in a clear, concise form and doesn’t get weighed down with over beautification. Combat is deep but very easy to understand and handles battles differently from most 4x games. The way research works is a real breath of fresh air with nominal costs of Science after every research making you really think about what technology you may not need. Diplomacy is pretty unique as well all though it doesn’t make any major leaps and bounds.  Endless legend also has some interesting RPG-like features such as quests and really heavy unit customization.


Oh my god the art. The artwork in endless legend is bloody unbelievable. All of the factions seem like basic fantasy tropes but all have a really cool twist such as mages who can only release their power through self modification. The drawings are spectacular as well and the terrain is very colorful and unique.


The soundtrack is a brilliant mixture of drums and wind instruments as well as melodic voices. Combat however sounds a bit week and is missing a lot of the weight it should have.


The main quest line has some interesting lore but is mostly forgettable. The real fun lies in the emergent narrative you create as you explore, expand, exterminate and exploit.

Side notes:

The game doesn’t have a tutorial which is quite frustrating. The best you can do is to play on newbie with the wiki open.



Although it sorely lacks a tutorial almost everything else is spectacular. If you have a PC you need to own this game.