Endless Legend: A Review

Endless Legend is my favorite game. It is simply spectacular. I, in all my years of gaming, have never played something this good. It is a near flawless masterpiece that comes very close to gaming nirvana. The only way to explain this is to put in review form. Do trie to keep your head intact


Endless legend Is a 4x game which, to the uninitiated, means: explore, expand, exterminate and exploit. Like many 4x games endless legend takes place on a randomly generated, hex based map. The first thing you will notice is the awesomely fluid and detailed Interface. This is one of the best things about the game and while seemingly complex it represents data in a clear, concise form and doesn’t get weighed down with over beautification. Combat is deep but very easy to understand and handles battles differently from most 4x games. The way research works is a real breath of fresh air with nominal costs of Science after every research making you really think about what technology you may not need. Diplomacy is pretty unique as well all though it doesn’t make any major leaps and bounds.  Endless legend also has some interesting RPG-like features such as quests and really heavy unit customization.


Oh my god the art. The artwork in endless legend is bloody unbelievable. All of the factions seem like basic fantasy tropes but all have a really cool twist such as mages who can only release their power through self modification. The drawings are spectacular as well and the terrain is very colorful and unique.


The soundtrack is a brilliant mixture of drums and wind instruments as well as melodic voices. Combat however sounds a bit week and is missing a lot of the weight it should have.


The main quest line has some interesting lore but is mostly forgettable. The real fun lies in the emergent narrative you create as you explore, expand, exterminate and exploit.

Side notes:

The game doesn’t have a tutorial which is quite frustrating. The best you can do is to play on newbie with the wiki open.



Although it sorely lacks a tutorial almost everything else is spectacular. If you have a PC you need to own this game.




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