Elder scrolls online: Tamriel unlimited impressions

I have spent a weekend with Elder scrolls online: Tamriel unlimited and have very much so enjoyed my time with it. Before reading the rest of this you must understand ESOTU is a mediocre Elder scrolls game, however it is one of the best MMO I have ever played. This divine experience stems form a couple sources. Keep in mind these points are subjective and reflect my personal opinion.

The first major contributor is the community. The ESOTU community is awesome. For the most part they are friendly, polite and surprisingly charitable. I don’t know what Zenimax did but in my experience they have garnered some of the most awesome people from across the world and scattered them throughout Tamriel. I needed gold to pay off my bounty with the guards so I had to ask for a small loan from chat (I know, it was kind of sad). Not one minute later someone sent me 1,000 gold (I had previously had 300 at most).

The second best thing in ESOTU is the crafting. My god the crafting. It is simple and easy to understand with books next to each table describing the process of each crafting profession. They also added  a really cool motif system allowing you to learn the motifs of different races in the world all of which are very well designed.

And last but not least, the elephant in the room: combat. Combat in the ESOTU is awesome. whether  you are sneaking around, casting spells or chopping people up combat is amazing. it uses a soft lock system wich couples well with the great animations and sense of power that comes with each move.

if you wanna find me in game i am @earlegreythe1st, have a wonderful day.






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