Rainbow Six: Siege (a review)

Rainbow Six: Siege is a shooter which like many before it attempts to push its way into the competitive space. It is slow and methodical pacing relying more on strategic entrance and synchronized breaches rather than twitch shooting and kill death ratios Siege really sets it apart from most shooters on the market. Keep in mind that this game is multiplayer only.


Rainbow Six Siege is a very pretty game. It’s environmental lighting is impressive especially on glass and other reflective surfaces. The other thing that R6S does really well is particle effects which look fantastic without taxing your machine too much. Not an amazing looker due to rampant clipping but it still holds up.


Sound is amazing not because of its musical score but because the way it emulates gunfire and explosions echoes very realistically. In a game were knowing is half the battle the realistic and accurate portrayal of sound is very important. The one complaint I have is the Voice acting is unnecessary and obnoxiously frequent due to the fact that if you are playing the game your probably already using VOIP so the call outs just clutter the sound-space


This is a multiplayer only game. Doesn’t have one.


Gameplay in Siege is made up of two modes terrorist hunt (A co-op mode with varying objectives) And multiplayer (what I will mainly talk about in this review) . The first thing that you will notice in siege is its very slow pacing. Each match focuses on some form of get in the room and do the thing which is only completed 25 percent of the time the other 75 being the rounds were every one is killed off before the objective is completed. The most important change to the flow of a level isn’t the ability to Rappel up most out door surfaces but the fact that most of the walls and floors can be blown out to create impromptu doors or new shooting angles. This dynamism ensures that no two matches are the same. I was a bit skeptical of the inclusion of operators (characters with limited loadouts and special abilities) But in the end it pays off with many videos online detailing different play styles these new characters have the potential to be a hallmark of the game.                     The beauty of the gun play in R6S is how fast, weighty and brutal it is. The guns although generally slower and weightier than your average fps guns are much less of a weapon and much more of a tool used to take out barricades and create new lines of sight. The combination of this and both teams heavy reliance on information and positioning make siege a amazing shooter. However the game has really bad technical issues with horrible rubber banding, lag and two glitches which require you to exit the game. Ubisoft… Fix. Your. Damn. Game.


Siege is a very good shooter that feels fresh and exciting in today’s market. Unfortunately it is amazingly buggy so for now it gets a:

7.5/ 10: good


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