Elite: Dangerous and the Galaxy

Elite: Dangerous is a tough nut to crack. It is at times monotonous and seems like those 100,000 light seconds add an unnecessary amount of time to your journey. If you are going to play ED then you must know that just like a long car ride, it isn’t always lasers and action. In fact the thing I like most about ED is that it has a fair amount of downtime so when someone is trying to pull you out of light speed or demanding your cargo it is all that more exciting. Elite’s world is amazing, From the persistent story and events (we just discovered alien artifacts) to the shear size of the galaxy it gives you a feeling of scale untouched by any game I have ever played. It fully succeeds in pulling you in to its world whether your a trader like me, a bounty hunter, a explorer, or a pirate (you Knave!) this galaxy has a place for you.  This (dare I say) realism is what makes ED great and makes it a prime example that you don’t need explosions or even a story to draw someone in Because if you create a game that is as immersive as ED the game draws you in by itself.




The trailers are B.S.


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