Tom Clancy’s The Division First Impressions (PC)

So far The Division is one of my favorite games this year. Ubisoft’s new title delivers on every front that its main competitor, Destiny (I have played both), faltered on.The Division is a multiplayer focused tactical third person shooters  with very heavy RPG mechanics. What really brings the game alive is its unique version of a quarantined New York City after a bio-terrorist attack which cripples the US. The game picks up fast dumping you right in command of an outpost in the city hall. This outpost is the base of all progression; while you go about the world certain actions will reward you with resources. These resources allow you to expand your base and unlock different passive and active abilities. This system is incredibly satisfying and gives you the feeling that you are building something out of nothing.

The way gear is handled in The Division is great. It is given out pretty regularly and fits the setting perfectly. Mods for guns are also a lot of fun to play around with, turning a assault rifle into a fine tuned machine is super fun and I have spent more time than I wish to count doing so. On top of this, you have different cosmetic items which add a fun touch of personilazation to your character. The story is incredibly well acted and more than a little interesting and has the most realistic depiction of a LGBTQ person since Dragon Age Inquisition. Keep your eyes out for  a Tom Clancy’s The Division review in the next week.




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