Fallout 4: Automatron DLC: A Review

gfxautomatronThe basics of Fallout 4’s Automatron DLC are you can build robots and have them do stuff for you. Additionally there are a few quests, but nothing to write home about. Automatron also reintroduces a character from Fallout 3, The Mechanist. Essentially you have to stop robots and use their parts to reverse engineer your own robots.


The DLC presents a few quests in which you help a robot who was defending a caravan take out the Mechanist. By getting rid of the Mechanist you rid the Commonwealth of its robot problem. Not only are robots rogue in the commonwealth, but there are new types of raiders. These new raiders are called ‘Rust Devils,’ the utilize robots to attack you. Overall narrative is well made.


Robot sounds are great and the voice acting is solid. The rest of the sounds are supplied by the base game. All in all sounds are are good.


The graphics are of the same quality as the rest of the Fallout 4 game. So they are pretty bad and mediocre.


As stated before this DLC only presents a few quests. Sadly, the majority of these quests are either fetch-quests or a kill-everything type situation. Overall the quests were made poorly and very bland. While narrative and dialogue is great, the gameplay does not shine through in anyway. Quests and bland and repetitive and the main story-line’s gameplay is dis-interesting at  best. The final boss fight consists of the same copy-pasted robots coming after you. The only difficulty is the amount most of them are taken out in a couple shots. This part of the gameplay is approximately 45 minutes to an hour. There is a chance for redemption however. Automatron enables you to create and modify your own robot companions which also work as settlers in settlements. Firstly, the good, the DLC allows you to create insanely effective robots which seems to be balanced somehow. The customization is solid and you may choose different paint-jobs and voices for you bots. This is due to the need for leveling and perks. Now the perk Robot Expert is finally useful. Additionally robots made can be used as settlers. The only difference between settlers and bots is just the positive of not needing water and food and the negatives of not being able to take the job of a storekeeper. After the main quest and robot building there are only a few new enemies in the commonwealth to be wary of. These include rogue robots which include robobrains, eye-bots, protectrons, assaultrons and other mechanical conglomerates. Other than this a new type of raider, rust devils, were added to the commonwealth. They use robots to attack you along with weapons. Overall this DLC is not worth the money it costs upon release ($10 US).


While automatron has good customization and overall adds to the settlement mechanic I can’t say this for the overall game. This DLC sadly falls short on a few fronts such as quests and price for content. At ten dollars this DLC is not worth the price right now.




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