Good Robot: A Review(PC)

On paper Good Robot is a very simple game: Fly around neon levels shooting Bad robots (Opposed to the morally righteous one you are) whilst collecting weapons, Hats and various upgrades. Each combat scenario is a short dance of lights and lasers which is fairly tense due to the fragility of your character. However even with it’s intense combat and colorful backgrounds the game feels unsatisfying and doesn’t deliver the feeling of progression with each death that most games of it’s ilk have.


Good Robots sound is  above average. While weapons sound simplistic and rather rudimentary with the standard array of pewpews and muted explosion,  the pumping electronic soundtrack is energizing and is well worth buying on it’s own.The soundtrack compliments the visuals well to emulate the feeling the game inspires.


Good robot’s story isn’t really told after the introductory statements of a CEO. However, the writing that is seen in item descriptions and tips is very funny and feels incredibly underutilized. Besides that there is not much else here which is a pity because there is already a wonderful Douglas Adams feeling to the flavor text.


The highlight here is the wonderfully use of colors which contrasts nicely with the mainly dark backgrounds. The simple but weirdly emotive character design is charming and very Disney unique. This and the hats you collect combine to make a Ushanka and Bonnet filled neon acid trip that is unique to this game. The background melds well with the bits of destroyed machinery you will unavoidably create and helps push the post robot takeover vibe. This is the strongest part of the game.


It being a 2D shmup the actual minute to minute gameplay involves shooting at polygons which your corporate overlords deem as bad. It is HOW you shoot things  your corporate overlords deem as bad which is intersting. The variety in destructive devices is simply mind boggling and speaks volumes to the creativity of the developers. The real depth, however,  comes from the way the enemies behave and the different tactics you have to use to destroy them. Different enemies will employ different weapons wich keeps you on your toes due to the lethality of each one. The only real progression you make outside of each run is a building knowledge of the game. The problem is that besides the aforementioned knowledge you just get a score and a witty line of writing. This is where good robot falls flat. It simply gets boring. There is no definitive gameplay loop that is appealing to anybody other than high score fanatics. Good robot is lacking anything more than roaming around a colorful environment shooting things. I wish there was something else here but fun weapons and interesting enemies eventually dry up which leaves you with a painfully average shmup.

Verdict(deep sigh):

Good Robot is a visually interesting game that knows how to have fun with it’s weapons and enemy designs. However a complete lack of engaging mechanics and underutilized writing leaves this cute little game empty and boring after just a couple hours. If you really just want some fun and difficult shooting pick it up on sale but otherwise I cannot bring myself to recommend it.

Score: 5/10 Painfully average




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