Early access preview: Vagante

Vagante is a strange game. If i was too describe it in short it would sound like this: A love child of Dark souls and, strangely enough, Spelunky. It takes Dark souls sheer difficulty, slow, methodical movement and Deep RPG mechanics and combines it with Spelunky’s level design and Rogue-like tendencies. This combination makes Vagante a tantalizingly dangerous romp through a dangerous dark fantasy world.

Vagante is hard. Very hard. You will be shot, stabbed, crushed Magicked (?) and bludgeoned. The threat of a bloody end around every corner perfectly captures the feeling of creeping through a long forgotten dungeon. This makes the games clunkiness only more noticeable. The delayed attacks, methodical jumps and deadly traps and enemies mean you have to take it slow and think about every action before you take it. this slow pacing can be a  double edged sword. Right now there aren’t many incentives to take “just one more” run. Yes you can unlock perks called Backgrounds but this isn’t as rewarding as it sounds. This means that the 160th spike back rub only leaves you feeling mildly perturbed not excited for your next try, you masochist. This could be fixed with purchasable upgrades  between runs (Rogue legacy) or checkpoints (dark souls).

I recommend buying into Vagante’s early access if only to see were this game goes. The Developers and community are great. Multiplayer is fun if a bit buggy. If you like a challenge, try out Vagante.




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