Path of exile impressions

If you have been on steam for more than 2 years you might have heard of a popular little MMORPG called Path of exile.  It is renowned for it’s extensive endgame, unobtrusive cash shop and great single player experience.  The game takes after games like Diablo, Tochlight and Titan Quest due to it being a loot driven click fest about maxing out unique characters. POE is instance based so you wont have to worry about too many uninvited players stealing your sweet loot or missing out on any experience. This instance based style does wonders for the game. This is the first MMO besides ESO that I can say nails a fun single player experience. When playing single player you can really take in the incredibly dark fantasy world grinding gears has created at your own pace.

The setting of POE is amazing! Although POE doesn’t have much of a story the unique world has fantastic lore with dark secrets for those who like that sort of thing. It also has a decrepit, salvaged look to it making it all the more interesting. Wraeclast is a dangerous place and this is reflected perfectly in the horrible monsters, shambling dead, exotic wildlife and everything else in between. It all feels grimy and dark. Think Diablo 2 but more exotic. The armor and weapons you collect give a good feeling of progression with their design. You start off punching zombies with a pot on your head and end up shooting ice out of your hands wearing you flaming thong of +1 badassery. It is quite satisfying. That said you do get a lot of junk loot and you will have to play a little inventory Tetris to get it all to fit in your backpack.

While gallivanting around the many unique regions in Wraeclast you will occasionally level up. Every level you get one passive skill point to spend on the MASSIVE passive skill tree (seriously, Look it up). This huge array of available abilities makes every players character feel unique. The traditional MMO trinity; tank, healer, damage has been thrown out the window to create crazy hybrid classes like a magic user that focuses on critical hits or a tank that uses a bow for crowd control. POE is about creating a class that suites your style and it gives you the tools to do so.

POE uses skill gems instead of active abilities that come with your class. They are picked up and socketed into armor which gives you access to their unique abilities. This adds a whole new layer to gear optimization; making sure you have the right color and number of gem slots. The only problem I have had so far is that POE can be quite tedious if you play for more than an hour. If you like the grind however,  (You masochist) then this is the perfect game for you but if your like me you might find it to get tedious when played for extended sessions. This tedium can be alleviated by bringing a few buddies but i still recomeend playing it in short bursts. POE is a fun a game that remembers it’s roots but still feels fresh. It is a glorious homage to the ARPGs of yesteryear and needs to be in your steam library. Leave a comment and let us know what you think.



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