So you wanna heist?

Payday 2 is spectacular and engaging game. With a a butt-load of content and DLC of varying quality. It is a gem of a co-op game with blood pumping action and incredibly tense fun. I am here to help you sort through all the interesting ins and outs of Payday 2. So, you wanna learn how to heist?


The first thing you will notice about payday on it’s store page is the ridiculous amount of DLC. Parsing through this mountain of content can be a daunting task for new players due to the highly variable quality of the content. There are a few recommended DLC and some which are universally avoided, because they’re either obsolete or just kind of useless. Here are the essentials:

-Gage Mod Courier Pack (It’s basically required)

-Sokol Character Pack (Great perk deck, fun character)

-The BBQ pack (Burn baby, burn! Also, molotovs.)

-Gage Weapon Packs (Except for the sniper pack)

-Point Break Heist Pack (The most fun you can have in Payday 2)

The Baddies

They’re angry, unconventional and in many cases extreme. So many cops, so little time. So in no particular order, I introduce to you the big baddies of payday 2:

-Bulldozers: These armor plated titans are imposing in stature, but don’t be scared by their grizzly exteriors they’re very soft and fuzzy on the inside. Always approach dozers in pairs of two, to avoid being downed and to split aggro. When shooting dozers dump bullets directly into their face mask while cutting line of sight to reload.

-Cloakers: These sneaky bastards! if you hear a low whine or see smoke run the other way. They take a lot of damage but when they down you they can be easily shot by your teammates.

-Tasers: If you hear the charging noise break line of sight as soon as possible. If you don’t hear a whine just shoot right on back. If tased don’t focus on shooting just keep your gun pointed at the blue coated son of a bitch and the impromptu electro-shock therapy will do the shooting.

-Shields: Similar to dozers approach in pairs to split aggro. And work those angles harder than Cindy Crawford, when you find a opening shoot and shoot some more.

The Builds

The 4 step process to making a overkill effective build are as follows:

-Choose a deployable and dump at least 25% of your available points into it.

-Choose a weapon class tree (each specialty has a weapon focus) and dump another 25% of your points into it

-Choose a complimentary perk deck.

-Remember to have fun kids!

The Guns

Guns, guns and more guns. Lead is your best friend and there are many approaches to sending it downrange. your weapon choice should align with whichever weapon perks you dumped points into. There are some basic rules though:

-Assault rifle damage should be above 40

-Watch the total ammo a gun has and make sure that if you choose a gun that doesn’t have a lot of extra ammo you have the perks to support your aggressively small ammo pool (you know what they say about spare ammo size).

-It is super important to make sure you spend money on mods though. Most guns are not worth it vanilla.

SO. Now you know the bare basics of heisting. sorry for the light content but i will be back to my 1-2 post a month schedule soon (Just kidding that starts now, just, please not the face!),



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