CS:GO Update – The Major!

With 2016 over, a new leaf has been turned in the Counter-Strike scene. Rapid updates and explosive professional matches have had us all at the edge of our seats. I think I speak for all die-hard fans when I say we can’t wait to see what else 2017 has in store!

The opening major tournament of the year was hosted in Atlanta by ELeague, with the playoffs in the Fox Theatre. The excitement was high moving into the tournament, and it most certainly lived up to the hype. For those of you unsure of the format, there were 8 “Legends” and 8 “Challengers”. The Legends were selected from the previous major, Cologne 2016. These teams were:

SK Gaming


Flipsid3 Tactics

Natus Vincere


Gambit Gaming



The Challengers were selected through offline qualifiers hosted in 2016. The teams that advanced out of these qualifiers and into the majors were:

Optic Gaming


FaZe Clan




G2 Esports


While SK Gaming had taken the previous two titles, their recent decision to remove Lincoln “fnx” Lau from their roster to replace him with Ricardo “fox” Pacheco had many fans stirring. Statistically speaking, SK Gaming should have been the favorite moving into the major, but two upcoming talents contested their run for a 3rd straight title. With the addition of Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev, Natus Vincere seemed like an unstoppable force after winning ESL One: New York 2016. This being said, Astralis was on the rise after taking the previous Eleague championship in season two over Optic Gaming. After a bloodbath in the group stages, 8 teams prevailed. The matches set to occur in the playoffs were the following:

Astralis vs. Natus Vincere

Fnatic vs. Gambit Gaming

North vs. Virtus.pro

FaZe Clan vs. SK Gaming

I was disappointed to see these match-ups, unfortunately the two best teams were pitted against each other in the very first match. I was very confident that the winner of the Astralis vs. Natus Vincere match would go on to take the title, and I was correct. This being said, I expected the victors to be Natus Vincere. After a phenomenal group stage run, only dropping 13 rounds in 3 games, Na’Vi seemed like the clear favorite. To the surprise of many, Astralis plowed their way to the grand finals against Virtus.pro. In a bone-chilling series, Astralis were crowned champions after three hard fought maps. Virtus.pro took their map, Nuke, 16-12 in a somewhat convincing fashion. This did not stop Astralis from taking both Overpass and Train 16-14 each. It was truly an invigorating tournament and a pleasure to watch for any Counter-Strike fan.

The most recent update has many disappointed, myself included. Dust II, a beloved map among the community, was removed from the Active Duty Group map pool. While this has not stopped it from being the most played map in matchmaking, it has eliminated it from the professional scene. Unfortunately, like many of the updates Valve releases, this was an abrupt change made without the knowledge of the players. Although we will no longer be seeing the “rush B” tactics we all know and love, Dust II will always remain in our hearts.



What I’ve Been Playing

It’s has been a while since I wrote some actual content for the blog. And what better way to snip the ribbon the overhauled site then give you guys a little update about the life, times and games of me. Well, mostly the games. SO, without further ado here is What I’ve Been Playing (Cue cheesy 80’s theme song).

Really cool art


Risk Of Rain

I picked up risk of rain on the steam sale (as you do) and downloaded it (as you do) and almost vomited joy to discover that this praised indie gem was just as fantastic as everyone said it was (as you do). This game strikes the perfect balance of challenge, statistics and actual style that all action RPG’s should strive for. The game feels fluid and it’s really easy to pick up. In fact it’s a pretty simple game with set objectives and a straightforward concept, but there are so many different systems that can be engaged with that hardcore rogue-like fans will find hours of fun here.

And yes it is a rogue like, and yes that can be a turnoff for some, but for risk of rain the roguish elements work in it’s favor. With so many characters to unlock and try out the concept of starting over isn’t really as annoying as it sounds. So do yourself a favor and go pick up this ridiculously fun game.

It’s like this but imagine you suck at it

MechWarrior Online (MWO)

MWO is a super hardcore game. There is really no other way to describe it. It’s deeper than the Marianna trench, Harder than tom Brady’s abs and requires more devotion than scientology. If your going to play this game you’re gonna need to watch at least three beginners guides and spend six hours sucking at everything until you are at least competent, and even then you will probably be laughed out of the match because your mech configuration sucks. And I loved every second of it.

All the keyboard spanning frustration is worth though. When you finally find the right mech, figure out that weapons have and an effective and stop sucking you will feel like a true MECHWARRRIOR! seriously though the payoff is fantastic.

The game is goofier than this guy’s grin

Marlow Briggs And The Mask Of Death

If you are looking for a deep, introspective and pondering game; stop reading here. This is God of War; Self Aware Edition. BUT if you are looking for some dumb combo-tastic, button mashing fun that might make you chuckle, give Marlow Briggs a chance. I honestly don’t think there is much else to say about Marlow Briggs. It is a simple games but if you have five bucks and a little time to spare, have some fun.

So, what have you guys been playing? Let us know in the comments and hope you have wonderful day.




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