Tom Clancy’s The Division First Impressions (PC)

So far The Division is one of my favorite games this year. Ubisoft’s new title delivers on every front that its main competitor, Destiny (I have played both), faltered on.The Division is a multiplayer focused tactical third person shooters  with very heavy RPG mechanics. What really brings the game alive is its unique version of a quarantined New York City after a bio-terrorist attack which cripples the US. The game picks up fast dumping you right in command of an outpost in the city hall. This outpost is the base of all progression; while you go about the world certain actions will reward you with resources. These resources allow you to expand your base and unlock different passive and active abilities. This system is incredibly satisfying and gives you the feeling that you are building something out of nothing.

The way gear is handled in The Division is great. It is given out pretty regularly and fits the setting perfectly. Mods for guns are also a lot of fun to play around with, turning a assault rifle into a fine tuned machine is super fun and I have spent more time than I wish to count doing so. On top of this, you have different cosmetic items which add a fun touch of personilazation to your character. The story is incredibly well acted and more than a little interesting and has the most realistic depiction of a LGBTQ person since Dragon Age Inquisition. Keep your eyes out for  a Tom Clancy’s The Division review in the next week.



Why I love Call of duty: Blackops 3 (For the First time)

Call of Duty has been around for a while. It is a series that is constantly expanding, although the base mechanics have changed very little over, the course of its lifetime it is still going strong and has a rabid fan base. The beauty of the newest installment is not the solid gameplay, which makes good use of its verticality and speed, but the sheer amount of “stuff”. BLOPS3 is a fun twin stick shooter with a staggering amount of content:

-Robust 4-player single-player

-Vast selection of multiplayer modes

-Aesthetically unique Zombies mode

-Freerun (a fun little race mode)

-Custom matches (with bots)

-Nightmare campaign (orecycled levels from the campaign with zombies)

The sheer amount of content in this game should be the level of content that other triple A games include. This amount of content makes it well worth the price tag and I strongly recommend it.

Have a nice day.


Rise of the Tomb Raider PC: A Review

Rise of the tomb raider is the sequel to 2013’s reboot of the classic series. The game has just released on PC after its release on Xbox one a little while ago. The game does not do a lot to differentiate itself from the reboot in base mechanics but what they have added adds so much to make it a unique action game that blends genres to create a wonderful twist on classic action adventure tropes. With inspirations from the last of us and uncharted it flaunts crafting and logic puzzles giving it some big boots to fill.

Sound and voice

The sound of ROTTR is confined to grunts of exertion and gunshots both of which sound great and pack the appropriate amount of punch. However some of the voice acting is very uninspired and lacks some emotion.


ROTTR is a pretty game. Fire and animations are smooth and tend to add to the immersion of the game. The landscapes are glorious, from the long deserted Russian gulags to the tombs themselves it is all designed deliberately and looks wonderful. Lighting is also used to great effect to make up for some of the more primitive textures on display. However their are a couple of small foibles with the way the game runs and looks. Their are major problems with optimization. Some areas cause FPS to drop below 30 and rest between 30-45 witch is surprising seeing as most of the game runs at a solid 60 FPS. their are also some vistas were the sea and the distant pines are quite obviously very ugly which is surprising due to the fact that most everything else doesn’t.


The story of ROTTR is not anything you haven’t heard before. The characters fall into basic archetypes and it is not until the end were it really picks up speed and the drama amps up. Its passable but not anything to write home about.


The beauty of ROTTR’s gameplay is that it is a very diverse and multi-faceted machine. Its climbing is really enjoyable and packs in multiple mechanics to make it engaging and fast paced. Their are also these survival-esque mechanics in the game which really adds to the idea of being a scavenger in a unexplored world. These survival mechanics manifest themselves in scavenging all sorts of supplies to craft arrows, healing items, pouches and weapon upgrades. After every couple main missions the game lets you loose in small but detailed open environments packed with side missions, rare animals to hunt and weapon parts to collect. This contrasts well with the heavily scripted main missions, in fact these are so enjoyable that I can see these being a much bigger part of further entries. There are also challenge tombs which deiver a steady drip of aha moments and are rewarding but not unbeatable. Combat in ROTTR is awesome. Engagement starts in stealth were you can quietly pick off enemies, booby trap corpses and take people out with your trusty bow. Eventually you will get spotted which lets the game show its teeth with brutal close range combat that mixes almost all the other systems in the game to create a tense and unique combat environment. In open combat you dash about scrambling up walls and across platforms, jockeying for a better line of sight all the while crafting Molotov cocktails Continue reading “Rise of the Tomb Raider PC: A Review”

Rainbow Six: Siege (a review)

Rainbow Six: Siege is a shooter which like many before it attempts to push its way into the competitive space. It is slow and methodical pacing relying more on strategic entrance and synchronized breaches rather than twitch shooting and kill death ratios Siege really sets it apart from most shooters on the market. Keep in mind that this game is multiplayer only.


Rainbow Six Siege is a very pretty game. It’s environmental lighting is impressive especially on glass and other reflective surfaces. The other thing that R6S does really well is particle effects which look fantastic without taxing your machine too much. Not an amazing looker due to rampant clipping but it still holds up.


Sound is amazing not because of its musical score but because the way it emulates gunfire and explosions echoes very realistically. In a game were knowing is half the battle the realistic and accurate portrayal of sound is very important. The one complaint I have is the Voice acting is unnecessary and obnoxiously frequent due to the fact that if you are playing the game your probably already using VOIP so the call outs just clutter the sound-space


This is a multiplayer only game. Doesn’t have one.


Gameplay in Siege is made up of two modes terrorist hunt (A co-op mode with varying objectives) And multiplayer (what I will mainly talk about in this review) . The first thing that you will notice in siege is its very slow pacing. Each match focuses on some form of get in the room and do the thing which is only completed 25 percent of the time the other 75 being the rounds were every one is killed off before the objective is completed. The most important change to the flow of a level isn’t the ability to Rappel up most out door surfaces but the fact that most of the walls and floors can be blown out to create impromptu doors or new shooting angles. This dynamism ensures that no two matches are the same. I was a bit skeptical of the inclusion of operators (characters with limited loadouts and special abilities) But in the end it pays off with many videos online detailing different play styles these new characters have the potential to be a hallmark of the game.                     The beauty of the gun play in R6S is how fast, weighty and brutal it is. The guns although generally slower and weightier than your average fps guns are much less of a weapon and much more of a tool used to take out barricades and create new lines of sight. The combination of this and both teams heavy reliance on information and positioning make siege a amazing shooter. However the game has really bad technical issues with horrible rubber banding, lag and two glitches which require you to exit the game. Ubisoft… Fix. Your. Damn. Game.


Siege is a very good shooter that feels fresh and exciting in today’s market. Unfortunately it is amazingly buggy so for now it gets a:

7.5/ 10: good

Elder scrolls online: Tamriel unlimited impressions

I have spent a weekend with Elder scrolls online: Tamriel unlimited and have very much so enjoyed my time with it. Before reading the rest of this you must understand ESOTU is a mediocre Elder scrolls game, however it is one of the best MMO I have ever played. This divine experience stems form a couple sources. Keep in mind these points are subjective and reflect my personal opinion.

The first major contributor is the community. The ESOTU community is awesome. For the most part they are friendly, polite and surprisingly charitable. I don’t know what Zenimax did but in my experience they have garnered some of the most awesome people from across the world and scattered them throughout Tamriel. I needed gold to pay off my bounty with the guards so I had to ask for a small loan from chat (I know, it was kind of sad). Not one minute later someone sent me 1,000 gold (I had previously had 300 at most).

The second best thing in ESOTU is the crafting. My god the crafting. It is simple and easy to understand with books next to each table describing the process of each crafting profession. They also added  a really cool motif system allowing you to learn the motifs of different races in the world all of which are very well designed.

And last but not least, the elephant in the room: combat. Combat in the ESOTU is awesome. whether  you are sneaking around, casting spells or chopping people up combat is amazing. it uses a soft lock system wich couples well with the great animations and sense of power that comes with each move.

if you wanna find me in game i am @earlegreythe1st, have a wonderful day.





It is the most wonderful time for releases

Hello all you wonderful people. Chanuka, Christmas, Kwanzaa are all upon us bringing a bevy of releases. This is just a quick list of upcoming content:

-Rainbow six: siege review and impressions

– Fallout 4 review and impressions

-Refraction game of the year

-Something about online edict

– One other editorial

This holiday season is a big time for some games share your favorite holiday events in video games down below.


Endless Legend: A Review

Endless Legend is my favorite game. It is simply spectacular. I, in all my years of gaming, have never played something this good. It is a near flawless masterpiece that comes very close to gaming nirvana. The only way to explain this is to put in review form. Do trie to keep your head intact


Endless legend Is a 4x game which, to the uninitiated, means: explore, expand, exterminate and exploit. Like many 4x games endless legend takes place on a randomly generated, hex based map. The first thing you will notice is the awesomely fluid and detailed Interface. This is one of the best things about the game and while seemingly complex it represents data in a clear, concise form and doesn’t get weighed down with over beautification. Combat is deep but very easy to understand and handles battles differently from most 4x games. The way research works is a real breath of fresh air with nominal costs of Science after every research making you really think about what technology you may not need. Diplomacy is pretty unique as well all though it doesn’t make any major leaps and bounds.  Endless legend also has some interesting RPG-like features such as quests and really heavy unit customization.


Oh my god the art. The artwork in endless legend is bloody unbelievable. All of the factions seem like basic fantasy tropes but all have a really cool twist such as mages who can only release their power through self modification. The drawings are spectacular as well and the terrain is very colorful and unique.


The soundtrack is a brilliant mixture of drums and wind instruments as well as melodic voices. Combat however sounds a bit week and is missing a lot of the weight it should have.


The main quest line has some interesting lore but is mostly forgettable. The real fun lies in the emergent narrative you create as you explore, expand, exterminate and exploit.

Side notes:

The game doesn’t have a tutorial which is quite frustrating. The best you can do is to play on newbie with the wiki open.



Although it sorely lacks a tutorial almost everything else is spectacular. If you have a PC you need to own this game.



Broforce: A Review

Broforce is a wonderfully jingoistic platforming romp through various fully destructible third world countries such as Irakistan. The game allows you to take on the role of one of the many members of the most underpaid branch in the U.S. military such as Brominator or Rambro. These Hollywood heroes mashup well with the over the top and self aware humor of the game. Lets get on with this review for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM


Gameplay consist of running right and shooting terrorists across a array of fully destructible levels. The different hilariously named characters each feel unique and fun to play. The game features steam workshop support and an editor and I have already played some really fun user created levels. The game has online and local 4 player co-op which is fun until you pass 2 players; at that point the game is overly chaotic and tracking characters becomes difficult. The game also delves into a versus mode which falls flat due to serious balancing issues.

Sound, Music and Voice:

Guns are satisfying to shoot, explosions sound great, enemies squelch and scream and the music is total butt-rock. What more do you need?


In fact I didn’t really notice one besides the end goal: killing Satan.


Beautifully realized pixel graphics shower the screen in impressive gore and lighting effects.



The most fun bombastic romp I have ever been on.



Quick schedule

The schedule for the next couple weeks:


-A piece on dragon age.

-A brief rant about Call of Duty.

-A piece about the stuff I have been playing.

-Some sort of review.

Sorry this week was a slow week but next week will be a fun one.